Become An Honorary Bobcat Team Member

Bobcats, we’ve got bobcats!

W.E.R.C. is super busy caring for bobcat kittens. It takes a lot of work to be bobcat “mom” and raise these wild cats so they stay ‘WILD’. We assure that they eat a natural diet, one they will thrive on once they are released.

The cost of such a diet is very expensive. You can help us help the bobcats by becoming an honorary member of the 2016 - 2017 Bobcat Team.

There are two ways you can become an honorary Bobcat Team Member:
Sponsor a bobcat for $100 and we will send you a personalized certificate of honorary membership, and a beautiful bobcat photograph to print.
Buy a Bobcat Lunch for $10 (Eligible for Digital Certificate ONLY)

PLEASE NOTE - As a sponsor, you have the option of receiving your certificate and photo printed for you via snail mail, or digitally, to save paper. Choose which option you prefer when you are selecting your sponsorship. If you choose to receive a paper mailing, a WERC sponsorship coordinator will contact you to arrange delivery.  

You can pay via credit/debit card or check. To pay via check, click the pay later button and mail your check to:

PO Box 1105
Morgan Hill, California