Do Something Wild!

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Do Something WILD!

The gift of Wildlife Education or Rehabilitation is a unique gift for friends, family, or teachers!

Sponsor the animal of your choice through Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center's Sponsor an Animal program and you will help to provide for the day to day care of our Education Ambassadors. Your sponsorship will not only help the animal you are sponsoring, but also help our local, native wildlife that has come to the Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center because it is injured, orphaned, or sick.

Sponsor the gift of an Educational Program for the teacher in your life to give the gift of learning.
W.E.R.C.'s Educational Programs have been developed to meet the criteria of the State of California. These programs offer a unique way to teach school aged children the importance of native wildlife and our environment.

To see the programs that are available, click here.

Why are there different prices for different locations? There is a travel fee based in the distance of the school from WERC's center in Morgan Hill. Choose the location of the school where the program will take place. If your school location isn't listed, call us at (408)779-9372 to arrange your sponsorship.

Your Clinic Care Sponsorship helps us ensure that we have the essential supplies needed in our rehabilitation clinic, as well as funds for veterinary care. This seemingly small gift has a large impact at W.E.R.C. and enables us to help all creatures, great and small.

Why Sponsor?

In addition to caring for native wildlife, W.E.R.C. provides many ancillary services critical to the preservation of local native wildlife and of assistance to our human community co-existing within their habitat.
Your donation allows us to take care of the animal you sponsor, the care and rehabilitation of wildlife patients and continue to provide ancillary services critical to the preservation of native wildlife.  That includes assistance to our human community so we peacefully co-exist within their habitat.  Your support will help us continue to provide all these services!

All of W.E.R.C's animal ambassadors are non-releasable wildlife due to injuries or interaction with humans that has made them unable to survive if returned to the wild. These animals have dedicated their time to educating the public at both schools and special events in order to educate the public about their ecosystem, needs, and habits.

To see all of W.E.R.C.'s Educational Ambassadors that are available for sponsorship, click here.

What Do You Get For Your Sponsorship?

1. A certificate related to the sponsorship of your choosing. Gold Level Sponsors and Educational Sponsors will receive a premium certificate, suitable for framing.
2. Information sheet with interesting "fun facts" about your sponsored animal, Clinic Care Sponsors receive a photo and story about an animal in rehabilitation.

3. The thanks of W.E.R.C. and all of the native wildlife we work together to help.
4. Personal satisfaction of knowing that your donation will make a difference.

Checkout Notes

Select the sponsorship of your choice, then in the "enter your message" section, enter the information of the person you are sending your sponsorship to. Then select the payment option of your choice. If using a debit/credit card, select the yellow "DONATE NOW" button to complete your transaction. We will notify you when we send your gift. If you would like to pay by check, select the grey "DONATE BY CHECK OR PLEDGE" , and follow the instructions, making check payable to W.E.R.C. Your gift will be sent when we receive your check, and we will notify you when your gift is sent.