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Become a Wildlife Sponsor to give the gift of love to WERC and the nature lover in your life.

Give the gift of wildlife sponsorship to the wildlife lover in your life. Your sponsorship helps WERC continue its valuable mission to help orphaned and injured wildlife receive the care it needs to be returned back to our beautiful South Valley ecosystems where they live WILD and FREE. All sponsorships include a certificate and beautiful photo for you to print and gift to your loved one.

Sponsorship Levels                                                            

  • $500 - Bobcat Lover
  • $400 - Turkey Vulture Lover
  • $300 - Big Owl Lover
  • $200 - Falcon Lover
  • $100 - Little Owl Lover
  • $75 - Virginia Opossum Lover
  • $50 - Acorn Woodpecker Lover  
  • $25 - Gopher Lover


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      • If you choose a paper certificate, we will email you at the address entered to get the address of the recipient. Certificates will be mailed within 48 hours OF YOUR RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL.
      • A digital certificate will be sent within 24 hours with the name you entered in the ENTER A MESSAGE field.
    • The name of the recipient
  • Along with each certificate, a photo of a corresponding animal will be included along with a Valentine card to include with your gift.

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